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Random Thoughts: No. 5

G Sakamoto “It is best not to change something if changing it will not do any good.” Essays in Idleness, The Buddhist Priest Kenko, Essay 127. Trans Donald Keene It is interesting that the credit for the essay above is longer than the essay itself. Essays in Idleness was written by Kenko in 14th century … Continue reading

The Newspaper

It all started a few weeks ago. I was minding my own business doing the usual things like taking out the garbage and talking to the neighborhood cat. It was an early Tuesday morning and I looked forward to a quiet day. I picked up the paper and headed back into the house unaware of … Continue reading


G Sakamoto When was the last time you invited a friend to a Sunday morning service at the temple? Have you ever invited a friend? Most likely the last time was when you were in grade school. Ever wonder why that is. We should feel comfortable with our religious life. Things have changed over the … Continue reading

Mind Matters

G Sakamoto Man walks up to a Buddhist hot dog vender. Man: “Make me one with everything!!” Vender: “Okay. That will be three dollars.” Man: gives the vender a five dollar bill then waits for his hot dog and change. Vender: gives man his hot dog. Man: “Where’s my change???” wait for it …… Vender: … Continue reading

Talking Dharma

G Sakamoto When someone asks you about your religion, don’t panic. The answer always comes back to the Four Noble Truths. But the Four Noble Truths are like ingredients for soup. Familiarity with the ingredients can open up the possibilities for variations on theme. Soup is delicious when prepared by someone who cares. Whether a … Continue reading

Adventures in eBooks and POD

G Sakamoto Last October, at a delegates meeting of the Federation of Buddhist Women’s Associations, I challenged the participants in a workshop to rethink how we produce materials and share the Buddhadharma. We no longer need to be tied to the model of printing materials that we’ve followed in the past. That model required a … Continue reading

Nembutsu of Gratitude

G Sakamoto A few weeks ago a young family came to visit the temple. They had arrived in San Jose a few months earlier. The large company the husband worked for had transferred him from their offices in Japan to San Jose. They were still exploring their new home when they found our temple. It … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

G Sakamoto and Family This past year has been difficult for many. There is still much uncertainty. Although there may be improvement for some, others continue to experience overwhelming difficulties. When we experience difficulties sometimes we look for blame, in ourselves and in others. But blame does not resolve anything, it only drags us deeper … Continue reading

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