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Return and Makeup Reservoir

  Water returns from grow beds and is pumped back into fish tank. Makeup reservoir holds tap water that has been sitting for at least 24 hrs. This allows for chlorine to bleed off. Water is used to make up water in the system that has been lost to evaporation and leaks. Usually, on hot … Continue reading

Shadow of catfish

Shadow of a catfish Tank is very dark. Not murky. Very shaded. Fish are now about 8 – 10 inches

Kimchee soon

Nearing summer’s end

It’s been an interesting summer. Managed to harvest some romaine and redina. Butter lettuce bolts before the leaves are ready. Maybe a matter of nutrition. The leaves on the nappa were looking a little pale so added some iron a week ago. Leaves are looking better. Nappa will become kimchee in a few weeks. Looks … Continue reading


Micro greens were left a little too long. Still delicious cleaned, prepped and added to kim chee soup.

Temple backyard farming

Be sure to view the information in the Aquaponics tab above. Plants are doing well. Foreground is a tomato plant. Behind it are redina lettuce. Catfish are doing well. Started with 16. May have lost a couple when the system was balancing. Took several weeks with pH swings and nitrogen levels uncertainty. But eventually system … Continue reading

Temple Aquaponics

Aquaponic setup for our 2013 Earth Day service.

Growbed Veggies

(be sure to click on a photo above) The aquaponic experiment continues. Fish and plants are doing great. Only thing being added is water and fish food. I either have a leak or the plants are absorbing and respiring water. I hope its the latter. Otherwise I have to start checking for the leak. We’ll … Continue reading

Grilled Nasubi

Grilled some kalbi chicken breast the other night. Also grilled the first eggplant. Nasubi on the grill. We dressed it simply with olive oil and salt. Then grilled. The nasubi really tasted quite nice. There are more flowers blooming. Hopefully ready together. Pepper are starting to appear. Growbed with nasubi and pepper Need to support … Continue reading


Yeah! Nasubi. Its a good thing though that I don’t have to rely on crops from the grow beds to survive. Makes me realize how dependent we are on others. Here’s a view of the grow bed. Its a cement mixing pan. Top of bell valve siphon is the white oval towards middle of photo. … Continue reading

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