Aquaponics is a new application of food production practices that have been around for a long time. In taro or rice fields farmers have been cultivating plants with water animals in a complimentary way, harvesting plants and proteins for food.

Aquaponics combines aquaculture, farming fish with hydroponics, growing plants without soil.

I’ve grouped together some information that I’ve found helpful.

Food Safety – Whether producing or preparing food for yourself or others, food safety is essential

Get Inspired Get Started – People working on sustainable farming.

Some starting information

Websites – Useful information

Supplies – Materials I’ve used

Studies – In depth information

Understanding Dynamics – Water quality, nutrients, characteristics

University of Hawaii – kind of what started my interest. Basic ideas of aquaponics.

PVC bulkhead fittings – making a hole in a bucket that won’t leak can be challenging

Using gray electrical pvc connectors are important when making bulkhead fittings. They are not tapered like white pvc and abs connectors. They provide a tight fit when connected together. Aquarium silicon sealant or rubber washers provide a water tight connection.

Bell siphons are essential for flood and drain systems. This YouTube video provides a good understanding how they work. There are many other examples of how to make bell siphons on YouTube.



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