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Adventures in Aquaponics

Nearing summer’s end


It’s been an interesting summer. Managed to harvest some romaine and redina. Butter lettuce bolts before the leaves are ready. Maybe a matter of nutrition.

Salad and nappa for future kimchee

The leaves on the nappa were looking a little pale so added some iron a week ago. Leaves are looking better. Nappa will become kimchee in a few weeks.


Looks a little messy but things keep growing. The containers for the growbeds are too flimsy. Will run wire around the tank to pull the sides in. When water overflows the growbeds the return tank level goes down. When the return tank level goes down the pump doesn’t pump enough water. The reduced water limits the water flowing to the ebb and flow growbed for the micro greens. When the micro greens don’t get enough water they died. Everything is interconnected.

Got to work on the primary growbed tanks.

Backyard garden

Aphids were a real challenge. Bought some row crop cover material to protect the plants. Turns out the cover protected the aphids from natural predators. Took the cover off. Ladybugs, bees, wasps visit the plants help reduce aphid problem.

Sometimes we think our effort will result in something beneficial, sometimes it doesn’t turn out the way.



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