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Adventures in Aquaponics

Temple backyard farming

Be sure to view the information in the Aquaponics tab above.

Plants are doing well. Foreground is a tomato plant. Behind it are redina lettuce.

Catfish are doing well. Started with 16. May have lost a couple when the system was balancing. Took several weeks with pH swings and nitrogen levels uncertainty. But eventually system balanced out. Now I’ll measure pH every 10-14 days.

Biggest challenge now are pests and wind. Fixed the wind problem with row crop cover. Had to support the fabric with string and PVC.

For aphids I wanted something nontoxic. For the environment and the fish. Ended up with insecticidal soap. Lots of brands out there. Just be sure it’s active ingredient is “potassium salts of fatty acids”. This is nontoxic and does not accumulate in the soil.

We’ve harvested several heads of lettuce, Bibb, romain and redina.

Planning nappa, butter and red lettuce.



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