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Day Two

Its 6:45, already maki sushi rolls are ready for slicing. Inari are being stuffed. Mounds of gohan are readied to be made in to sushi. The art of sushi is passed on from person to person.

Dancing under chochin

Nearly 1450 dancers this year. What a wonderful evening.

Good food at Obon

Great food always one of the things to look forward to. Good company, good food. Can’t beat that.

San Jose Taiko

San Jose Taiko, along with Kinnara and Hiroshima, are among the most influential performance groups.

Strawberry Shortcake

Remember that bucket of strawberries earlier. Here’s where they go. Choir has been responsible for strawberry shortcake for years. Berries were picked up from the farm yesterday and hulled and sliced this morning. Can’t get anymore fresher without standing in the field with a spoon.


UC Irvine Jodaiko

Second taiko group today. Next is San Jose Taiko at 4:30

Obon Festival 2

More photos from Obon.

UCLA Kyodo Taiko

Next taiko performance UCĀ  Irvine Jodaiko at 3:00.

San Jose Obon Festival 2012

Obon morning started out cold and overcast. Its turning out to be a beautiful day. People coming together. Old friends and new.

The Newspaper

It all started a few weeks ago. I was minding my own business doing the usual things like taking out the garbage and talking to the neighborhood cat. It was an early Tuesday morning and I looked forward to a quiet day. I picked up the paper and headed back into the house unaware of … Continue reading

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