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Random Thoughts: No. 5

G Sakamoto “It is best not to change something if changing it will not do any good.” Essays in Idleness, The Buddhist Priest Kenko, Essay 127. Trans Donald Keene It is interesting that the credit for the essay above is longer than the essay itself. Essays in Idleness was written by Kenko in 14th century … Continue reading

First de-construction

Street needs to be clear and reopened. Game booth start coming down and materials placed into racks. By the end of the evening pretty much everything in the west parking lot is gone and ready for regular use. We try to sweep and pick up trash along Jackson street where many of the restaurants are. … Continue reading

Day is ending

Pretty much everything has sold out. There are a few things left over for the crews that will clean up Monday and Tuesday. Tables and chairs in the annex have been put away. Its amazing how quickly things get cleaned up. People working together. Enjoying getting something done. No photo maybe tomorrow morning. Thanks

Tempura masters

Tempura one of the last booths still open. They look good in their chef hat.

Annex dining area

Still a steady crowd. People relaxing and enjoying a fabulous day at Obon

Buddhism 101

Stanford Taiko

UC Berkeley Raijin

Sorry Berkeley, missed most of the performance.

Photos from earlier in the day

Clean up and reset.

Preparing for Day Two

From before dawn preparations have been taking place. Rice is cooked, cooled and seasoned. Charcoal will soon be fired up for chicken and beef. Trash from the night before swept up and remove. Supplies replenished. Looks like its going to be another great day.

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