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Grilled Nasubi

Grilled some kalbi chicken breast the other night. Also grilled the first eggplant. Nasubi on the grill. We dressed it simply with olive oil and salt. Then grilled. The nasubi really tasted quite nice. There are more flowers blooming. Hopefully ready together. Pepper are starting to appear. Growbed with nasubi and pepper Need to support … Continue reading


Yeah! Nasubi. Its a good thing though that I don’t have to rely on crops from the grow beds to survive. Makes me realize how dependent we are on others. Here’s a view of the grow bed. Its a cement mixing pan. Top of bell valve siphon is the white oval towards middle of photo. … Continue reading


G Sakamoto When was the last time you invited a friend to a Sunday morning service at the temple? Have you ever invited a friend? Most likely the last time was when you were in grade school. Ever wonder why that is. We should feel comfortable with our religious life. Things have changed over the … Continue reading

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