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Smoker tune up

Finally, took the cover off the smoker and put some fire on.

It’s been awhile everything is working fine.

Did some oven shoulder a month ago with Lapsang Souchong which is a smoky tea that has a long history in China. Cooks here have been experimenting with this tea as a way of playing with smokiness where it is impossible to bbq with fire.

Went to Costco for some spare ribs. They only had St Louis cut ribs. Looked all over. Thought I might have missed the spares but alas St Louis was all they had. St Louis cut are trimmed down spares. Its a nice cut that’s even and squared off. Spares are nice cause everything’s there; tips and gristle and other stuff. See a favorite site Amazing Ribs for a further information.

First time cooking St Louis a little unsure but ribs are ribs. Used my regular rub then put them in the cooker.

My timing was kind of off. Couldn’t keep the cooker at temp. Had to fiddle with the coals a lot more than before. Must be just out of practice. Means more practice.

Ribs came out ok. A little tougher than anticipated. Not real gnawing tough, just a little more tugging than usual.

All in all good tune up. Planning the next cook.



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